About Us

Our Mission:

The Salt Lake Men’s Choir is dedicated to musical excellence. The purpose of the choir is to:

  • Promote, perform and expand men’s choral literature as an art form.
  • Cultivate skills in choral singing.
  • Provide opportunities for self-expression.
  • Build bridges of understanding and tolerance among diverse communities through music.
  • Provide positive social and spiritual support for its members.

The Salt Lake Men’s Choir strives for:

  • a safe haven of friendship, support, and unity
  • a high standard of musical excellence
  • a high level of commitment
  • opportunities to learn and grow through choral music

We welcome all men who have a desire to sing and want to be part of a diverse, openhearted organization. Don’t worry about your musical abilities — we’re all here to learn — so come and have some fun with us! Membership requires a willing heart, a desire to learn and perform, a certain level of dedication and commitment, and seasonal dues.  Whether or not you will be able to sing with us at our next concert depends on when you join us. You can attend and observe any rehearsal, but the best way to experience the choir is to participate!  Arrive before 7:00 pm and you’ll be able to check out a binder of music and add your voice to our harmony.  The Salt Lake Men’s Choir will embrace and accept you with open arms.

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